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Discussion in 'Application for unban | Заявки на разбан' started by CampraiOlStar, Apr 26, 2020.

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    ! *76th Ranger* EVENT :: INFANTRY CQ | ALL WEAPONS

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    Hey, I am banned on bf4db for using cheats on an entire different aspect of the game - jet speed.
    my usage of hacking was taking place in my private server and never in public.
    Banning me from your server was wrong because i was not cheating so there can be no proof.
    I am playing on your server for a bunch of time now and you can ask players who play the server alot about me i think i stick out enough because of my gameplay and "skills" but it doesnt mean im hacking, sometimes i get good days, this ban was not right.
    P.S , This is the only bf4 server available to me and i enjoy playing it and you can spectate me anytime you want, plus i only play once in a while due to my recruitment.
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  2. CampraiOlStar

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    can you plz reply this
    This is the only server available to me on bf4 and it is a normal one, please let me prove myself worthy to play. I am even willing to pay for unban
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