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Discussion in 'Application for unban | Заявки на разбан' started by vFluxv, Nov 15, 2019.

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    Basic information​

    ! *76th Ranger* EVENT :: INFANTRY CQ | ALL WEAPONS

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    Ban reason
    Stated reason: Banned by players | cheating [perm][ProconAdmin][76Ranger.com]

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    Been playing the server RGT BEST EVER MAPS 120Hz for a few days and it appears I have gained a bad rep and branded as a cheater. This came about as I usually do very well almost every round (50~ kills per game) as I consider myself an above average player. This seems to make some players believe I am cheating, Although I don't have evidence to prove myself innocent I do have a theory as to why I'm able to do so well on the server.

    The server tick rate is 120Hz and I have a 144Hz monitor therefore I have an inherent advantage over average 60 or 30Hz users, due to this fact I can play and react a lot faster than the average player, I also have an extremely aggressive playstyle which makes me more of a threat and gains me a lot more kills than normal.

    I have also played Battlefield 4 on console so I have good knowledge of maps and a good sense of awareness when it comes to the game.

    Link to console profile: http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf4/soldier/FluX%20Blast/stats/387219213/xboxone/
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    Hi. I lifted the ban on you. I want to advise you to become a VIP player, then ordinary players will not be able to run voteban on you and you can play without fear of being banned.
    Here is the link: 76th Ranger Regiment | Home

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