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  1. shinso

    shinso New Member

    hi rgt server admins

    i have some issue playing on yr server lately since the 10 days the problem is the the limit of nades on 2000 tks is not enought 64 player but that not the problem
    the problem is some time i got killed in action and the messeage said nade limits and i didn't use any nades or killed some one and he drop a nade so kille enemy by mistake but i got that weird killed in action random thats first
    second the incendiary nade when i put it into my kit i got killed in acrion and the messeage said no shotguns pls reconsider that weird plugin u have activated that make random killed in action and some times i got kicked bcz of nade limit and even wasn't using 3 of my 5 allowed nades
    my profile ll-Shinso-ll - Battlelog / Battlefield 4
    the server that have this problem on me =RGT= #2 LOCKER | NO LAGS 60Hz {Balanced/Autonuke} - Multiplayer - Battlelog / Battlefield 4

    Thank u

    Best Regards
  2. Bear_Rux

    Bear_Rux Administrator Staff Member

    I want to explain to you how this system works. You can throw 1 grenade and kill 5 people at once - your limit will be raised immediately 5\5 , but you still have 2 warnings before the penalty of 6/5 (warn kill) and 7\5 (Kick) and the last 2 kills before kick have 20 seconds of protection, it does not happen that you killed 3 with 1 grenades and you will be immediately kicked from the server. Limit grenades made to ensure that the server did not have too many explosions In one place.
    VIP slot does not have these limitations.
  3. shinso

    shinso New Member

    sry to bother u with this but this dude is always voteban me as soon i kill him
    his profile HaI2os - Battlelog / Battlefield 4
    when i play he always accuse me of cheating bcz i kill him when he was proned with bipod the whole round and entire 2 hours match he was proned only bipod
    and a lot of players voted against him but he left the server 4 times to not got banned
    and he start to insult us and the admins of the servers
    when i say to him that i will repot him at yr forum he said od what the fuck u want

    pls admin banthis player from the yr RGT server forever

    Best Regards

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