Сообщение о нарушение от BIackLeader

Discussion in 'Report abuse on servers | Сообщить о нарушении' started by BIackLeader, May 23, 2017.

  1. BIackLeader

    BIackLeader New Member

    Basic information

    Battlelog nickname

    Link to your Battlelog profile
    Progression - BIackLeader - Battlelog / Battlefield 4

    The violator's Battlelog nickname

    Link to the violator's profile in Battlelog
    WEKS-x5tar - Battlelog / Battlefield 4

    ! *76th Ranger* EVENT :: INFANTRY CQ | ALL WEAPONS

    Additional Information

    Which rule was violated
    Abusing the admin power

    Bear go check the server chat log.

    Your message
    WEKS-x5tar why do you even play this game if you cant stand better players than you?

    Just because you dont like someone who is far too superior to your skill level doesnt justify you to instant ban him with no excuse or even proper reason. Im asking you (WEKS-x5tar) to grow some balls.

    WEKS-x5tar wont be reading this so im asking you (Bear_Ruxx) to set me on a whitelist so i cant be hate banned.
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  2. x5tar

    x5tar New Member Game Admin

    Hello BiackLeader,

    First I will take/lost a bit of my time to respond about your interesting question: "why do I play this game if I can't stand better players than me?".

    So, to be fast and honest, I was playing for some good teams for different competitive games in the past. That mean I played against good players and I have been sadly defeated sometimes, I learned to loose and I know there are much stronger than me. Also nowadays on our server, I meet players a way better than me. I hope you understand that is not the FFA playstyle we are actually playing or cause someone is above me on leader board who make me salty.

    Every bans I do on you were justified by a reason, indeed we can check log. We do not kick/ban for no reason, our process is much more worked.

    So I'm asking you (BiackLeader) to make a BanAppeal with betters arguments next time.

    I do not admin abuse, I do my job.

    Best regards,

    RGT Staff.

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